6 Best paint zoom sprayers

1) Paint zoom sprayer

This is the most popular paint zoom sprayer in the market. It is an awesome make and ensures perfect finishes on the surfaces.

It has a capability of applying up to 7.6 gallons of paint per hour. This paint zoom sprayer is made from simple, durable, high- quality materials that will facilitate its minimal maintenance practices.

This spray can be used to spray both oil-based, stains and latex type of paints. This wonderful sprayer has an adjustable spray control that shifts to horizontal, vertical or round. This will ensure that all the surfaces will be covered.

Moreove,r it has a 2 finger trigger with a stop feature that ensures a consistent and easy spray control

Why you should choose it

It will ensure an optimal, quick and easy cover on the surfaces

It requires minimal maintenance

It is easy to clean and use

It is made from high-quality materials making it long lasting.(polymer and metals)

For portability, it has a convenient shoulder strap.

2) New Paint Zoom Pro Paint Sprayer

This amazing zoom sprayer does perfect work when spraying paint. By simply pulling the trigger, you will spray the paint in the best way possible.

It is easy to use and also to master. It comes with a manual that will definitely help the user to do the painting process easily. You can easily spray and varnish using the spray without much problem. You can use it to paint the walls, concrete, furniture, bricks, ceilings or any surface of your choice.

It uses 650 watts of power that will assure the user of a fast painting process. The knob in the zoom sprayer can be adjusted to horizontal or vertical or spot job. This is what brings the variation on hard to cover surfaces and the easy surfaces.

You should ensure that during the spraying process, the spray gun is at a good distance to prevent any drips or bad overlaps. It has a hose-length of 1.5 meters and the container can hold a capacity of 800ml. It is not bulky and is very easy to carry around.

Why you should choose it

It is a time-saving tool.

Due to the high-quality materials it is made from; be assured of durability.

You can use it with any type of paint as long as it is thin enough.

3) Heavy Duty Zoom paint sprayer

This wonderful paint can apply up to 7.6 gallons per hour. That assures the user of a fast rate during painting. It has a built-in tip that ensures a smooth finish and can be used with all types of paints; mostly thin paint. The kinds of paints that can be used with this sprayer are latex, paint, oil-based paints and much more.

Heavy duty paint sprayer will ensure that there is minimal overspray. The high-quality materials used to make it are polymer and metal. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance. The shoulder strap that it has ensures the ease of use and portability of the sprayer.

It uses 650 watts of power with a five inch wide hose that ensures it covers a large area and for pressure purposes. The hose measures 1. 5meters.

The paint container can contain up to 800ml of paint.

Why you should choose it

It is easy to use and clean

You can use a variety of paints using the zoom sprayer.

It is ultra-light thus can be carried easily.

It can easily be carried due to the shoulder strap.

4) Paint zoom pro sprayer (3 paint containers)

This is one of the most powerful zoom sprayers in the market and it is due to its motor capability (925 watts). It is a durable tool that you can use regularly without it being spoilt.

Moreover, it is made from high quality materials that will assure you of durability. It is the most suitable alternative to using brushes and rollers that will keep you manually doing the work for a longer while.

The advanced spray technology enhances superior coverage and makes sure no spot is left bare. You should also be careful while using it to prevent an overspray. Due to the adjustable dial control, the spray can reach even the most hidden corners and high places. The zoom sprayer measures 10.2 inches by 7.5 inches by 6.2 inches with a weight of 3.2 pounds.

The starting process is easy because after putting paint in the paint container, you just need to pull the trigger.

Why you should choose it

It is fast to learn and use and will ensure the painted surfaces are wonderful

It is very powerful due to its powerful motor of 925 watts.

It is cost-friendly and saves on time.

It is portable and is easy to carry around; you won’t have to worry if you decide to climb a ladder

5) Electric Easy Zoom Paint Spray

This sprayer is a (HVLP) High volume, low pressure type of a sprayer. It is a powerful type of sprayer that will definitely ease your spraying process. It has an adjustable air volume knob that has a 36 inch flexibility. The flexibility helps in the controlling aspect and will ensure the paint is properly distributed.

The paint container has a capacity of up to 1 liter, thus accommodates a good amount of paint. Moreover, it has an on and off switch that will help control the starting and stopping of the tool.

This amazing spray paint has a nozzle made from aluminum with a needle made from brass. These are awesome materials. However, the aluminum is prone to rusting and thus may affect the durability. The cleaning process is not that hard as the whole tool is waterproof.

Its power: It has an input voltage of 120Volts per 60 Hertz.

Why you should choose it

It is easy to use and clean.

It is a HVLP type of a spray gun making it powerful

It is durable except for the nozzle part.

6) Electric Easy Zoom 800W Paint sprayer

This amazing paint sprayer has a power cord that measure up to 2metres. Due to this, you can use the sprayer a distance from the electricity outlet. The hose pipe that is normally connected to the motor base and spray gun measures up to 1.8 meters.

Power: It uses 220-240 Volts of power making it powerful (800Watts). The paint container can accommodate up to 700ml of paint. In addition, the spray gun has a capacity flow of 320ml per minute.

It has a nozzle diameter of 2.6 mm that facilitates the flow system. It can be used to spray a lot of surfaces at ease (walls, fences, ceiling and much more)

Why you should choose it

It is easy to clean and use

The high-quality materials make it durable.

It has an adjustment knob that facilitates painting of hard-to reach surfaces.