A Detailed Review of the Paint Zoom Problem

This Article is being written several weeks after I have used the Paint zoom.  I happen to be one of those folks who like to do my research before I buy a product either online or Offline.  I myself read a lot of reviews of the paint zoom before buying it, and some of the information was lacking which is why I created this website.

The Best of Paint Zoom

I’ll be covering fіvе main points in this paint zoom sprayer review:

1.  What is the point of a Paint Zoom Sprayer

2.  Is it easy to use the Paint Sprayer

3.  On what type of Surfaces Can I use the Paint Zoom Sprayer

4.  The Problems that I or my friends have faced when using the Paint Zoom Sprayer

5.  Why I like the Paint Zoom Sprayer

I should tell you a little abit about myself before I dive into the main part of the article. I like to think of myself as an novice handyman.  I get a personal satisifaction when I am able to work around the house.   I also have to admit that I have standards of both myself and of other people.  So that being said anytime I try a new product I have two goals in mind the first is that it needs to help me get the job done faster and the second the end product has too look better then it would have if I did not use it.

 I am glad to report that the Paint zoom sprayer meets both of these requiments, and it does not cost a lot of money to use it.

As you’ll soon discover, Paint Zoom is a dream соme true when it cоmeѕ to getting thаt ԁonе wіthout spending а lot оf money…

What is the point of a Paint Zoom Sprayer

Typically in the past when you wanted to paint a room you would need to use a brush or a roller. Well the Paint zoom sprayer will eliminate the brushes for you. The paint zoom sprayer is a movable painting tool which has the capabilities to create a paint job that you would think a professional did..  The sprayer is very light weighing only 4 lbs and that’s only if its fully loaded with paint.   


You are able to wear the paint zoom sprayer like a backpack and you will then carry the sprayer extension in your hand.  It also comes with a Motor that you will attach the pump to and this will send the paint through the hose and onto the sprayer.

 Now here is the best part of this backpack.  It allows me to carry all of my tools that I use for painting with me, and this is a major time saver when I am working on a large job.

Is it easy to use the Paint Sprayer

   Now I am sure you have read many reviews on the Paint Sprayer, that its as easy to use and you just need to paint and spray.  Well it does not quite work that way. True once you get used to it the sprayer is not difficult to use.  However I need to give you fair warning if you believe that you plug it in, point and spray and the end product will me a masterpiece your going to be in for a major disappointment.  Like anything else in life you need to spend time learning how to use the paint zoom sprayers.  For example when I myself did my first job I would under spray certain spots and in other spots I would over spray.

One of the first projects I did was paint my daughter Alisha bedroom, after I got done with the first wall, I took a step back and it really did not look as smooth as I would have liked. So I had to do a second coat in order to get to the point where it looked satisfactory.

On what type of Surfaces Can I use the Paint Zoom Sprayer

 The Paint zoom is able to work on pretty well any kind of surface that you will have in your home.  The surface can be rough or the surface can be hard.  It will also work outside the house and of course inside the house as well.  I should point out to you that you will need to do the regular prep jobs that you would do before painting such as pressure washing the surface to make sure that the paint job does not get effected by dirt. Also you might experience some paint runs when you use it on smoother surfaces but this should correct itself once you get used to the spray.

 You should be able to use the paint spayer on wood, drywall, stucco, brick concrete and paneling. I have not tested it on all surfaces. I am not sure if I would test it on my automobile.

What Are Some Paint Zoom Problems?

 In general there are very few problems that I have found with the paint zoom sprayer once you get over the small initial learning curve. However, since I did call the article potential paint zoom problems, I now feel obligated to write about them.

 Number one the tool is pretty clean, it is still highly recommend that you cover any items that you do not want to get paint on, this is even more true if your still just learning how to use the paint zoom sprayer.  You might see some videos on youtube how they ended getting paint on objects that did not want to get paint on, well it would be pretty obvious that they never had painted a room before let alone an entire house.

The Second problem with paint zoom is the weight. True enough 4 lbs is not that heavy however after you use it for hours upon hours even a 4lb weight can start to make you feel a little sluggish.  This will be heightened if you have problems with your shoulders or back. You might want to take breaks and stretch out to relieve any joint pains that you are feeling from the use of the pain sprayer.  

 Another problem people have is that when they first us the paint zoo they can not get it to spray very well.   The first paint job that you do, you might find a lot of blotches. It takes time to get used to the sprayer so you can get a steady flow of paint from the spray.  One of the things you want to make sure you do before you paint is to thin out the paint.  As if the paint is too thick it will have problems coming out of the sprayer and this could lead you to blotch jobs.

Why I like the Paint Zoom Sprayer


  The Time I save when I use the paint zoom spayer is the #1 reason why I like the sprayer.   True the final result also looks great even better then what I would be able to do with a brush.  Why do you hire a professional for two reasons to save you the time from doing it yourself and number two you cant get the results that you want .  Well those worries are over once you learn how to use the paint zoom sprayer.

Happy painting!