Flexio 590 Sprayer

The Flexio 590 sprayer is a product of Wagner, a leading manufacturer of paint sprayers 

Product Details

This is a HVLP sprayer meaning it uses air to pump out the paint.

It comes with two detachable nozzles; one for large surfaces and another for smaller projects and finishing works.

It is fitted with a strong X-Boost turbine that can spray 8 gallons of paint per hour making your work faster.

It also has an adjustable nozzle for a horizontal or a vertical spray pattern. Use wide setting to work on large surfaces and a narrow setting for tight areas such as corners and crevices.

It is fitted with control valves to control paint output. You will need this feature for your finishing.

You can also adjust your pressure flow to 3 different spray speeds. High pressure ensures faster work and better finishes.

The machine weighs 10.2 pounds and comes in 3 easy to assemble pieces.

It comes with a 11/2 quart cup so will not need frequent refills.

What’s Good

The Flexio 590 sprayer is quieter than most similar paint sprayers making your work comfortable and less stressful.

Its X-Boost motor makes it 10X faster than a brush and 3X faster that other sprayers, saving you time for other activities.

Again, thanks to its strong motor, the sprayer can easily release any thick paint. Unlike other sprayers, you do not need to thin your paint in advance.

The body is made of sturdy material so it is likely to last some time.

Compared to other similar products in the market, consumers find the Flexio 590 sprayer affordable.

What’s Bad

On the downside, the 10.2 pound gadget is a little heavy, more so when loaded.  You may need to take a few breaks during the paint job.

The sprayer is said to produce too much splatter, leaving dots of paint all over the surfaces. Remember to cover surfaces before you begin your paint job. Also wear safety gear over your mouth, nose and eyes to avoid inhaling paint or hurting your eyes.

Although the sprayer comes with a user manual, a lot of users find it not so easy to use. It takes practice to get the right nozzle settings and the right air/power balance.

After completing your paint job, cleaning your sprayer should be a quick and easy job. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Flexio 590.

Many users find it difficult to clean, especially because of its small parts. It also takes fairly long to clean.

Its short power cord is a small irritation but can easily be sorted out using a power extension cord.

The paint container is also reportedly difficult to unscrew. Read the manual for proper instructions.

The sprayer produces huge chunks of paint when you first start spraying. Ensure you pre-test the spray mechanism on a trial surface before you begin the actual painting.

The Final Verdict

The Flexio 590 sprayer has a lot of positive features: It is versatile, performs well on large and small surfaces and gives a fine finish. It is also fast and does well with thick and thin paints.