Graco Magnum Sprayer x 5

This is yet another product of Graco, a leading manufacturer of paint sprayers.

Product Details

Its spray output of 0.27 gallons per minute compares favorably with other similar products in the market.

It comes with a stainless steel piston, which adds value to the product.

The power flush adapter makes it possible to clean the sprayer without having to remove the parts.

The unit comes fitted with a suction tube that allows you to feed it directly from a 1-5 gallon container.

You can adjust the sprayer to your preferred flow, thanks to the built-in pressure valve.

This sprayer has the capacity to dispense up to 125 gallons of paint per year; more than adequate for standard domestic use.

It is fitted with a reversible nozzle tip. This means that in case of clogging, you simply reverse the tip and remove the clog. 

Another interesting feature of the Graco Magnum X5 sprayer is the powerful motor. This can release a pressure of up to 3000 psi.

The unit comes with a 25 foot hose. If you need greater mobility, you can attach a 75 foot hose.  

The sprayer’s paint gun is fitted with a filter to trap dust particles, thereby reducing the chances of clogging.

The unit comes with a user Instructional manual and a DVD. There is also a quick reference guide attached to the body of the unit.

It is equipped with a stand so you don’t have to carry it on you; while its compact size makes it easy to store. At thirteen pounds though, it is still lighter than a lot of similar products in the market.

What’s Good

With this sprayer you can use different materials such as acrylic and latex but not solvent based or textured paints.

It is light and fairly easy to move around. The hand-gun is also light and will not wear you out. The hose further helps you to increase your reach without having to move the unit.

The suction pump allows you to continue painting without making many refills.

Compared to rollers and brushes, this sprayer is faster and less tiring.

One of the most outstanding features of the Graco Magnum Sprayerx5 is its easy cleaning system. Unlike other sprayers, you do not need to dismantle the unit.

All you have to do is connect the flush adaptor to a garden hose and let water run through it. This sprayer takes just 5-10 minutes to clean

What’s Bad

This sprayer does not perform very well with thick paints. Despite the reverse anti-clogging tip, the unit still tends to clog too often.

It also does not tolerate textured paints. To increase its performance, you may need to thin your paint.

Another common complaint among users is the tendency of this sprayer to overspray, making it not so good for indoor use.

It also does not perform very well on small surfaces as it lacks the multi directional nozzle that is common in many sprayers.

The light weight of the sprayer coupled with its powerful motor makes the unit vibrate and rather unstable.

Some users find that the sprayer consumes more paint than rollers or paint brushes.

The Final Verdict

The Graco Magnum Sprayer has many qualities: A direct filling device, an easy cleaning mechanism, light weight, speed and good performance on large surfaces.

On the downside, the sprayer is not ideal for smaller surfaces and does not perform well with thick paints. It also does not do very well indoors.

For these reasons, it is recommended for domestic outdoor use, preferably on large surfaces.

This sprayer is versatile and can be used at home. It is particularly ideal for large domestic surfaces. The trolley is a definite plus for the Graco Magnum SprayerX7.

It can also be used for the outdoors and for light commercial painting. For heavy commercial painting, you are advised to look elsewhere.