Graco Magnum Sprayer x 7

Are you a diehard DIY fan who is ever looking for better equipment? If so, this review is for you. With an Amazon rating of 4.5, The Graco MagnumX7 sprayer seems highly regarded by users. What makes it so popular?

Graco x7

Product Details

The sprayer comes packed in a trolley for easy movement. With a user capacity of 125 gallons per year, it is more than adequate for the domestic user


The sprayer is fitted with an RAC IVC switch tip to reverse clogging. In case of clogging simply reverse the tip and remove the clog. A suction tube attached to the unit allows you to feed it directly from 1 and 5 gallon containers.

It is fitted with a high pressure motor of 3000 and a 100 ft long hose for a greater reach.

What’s Good

The trolley is one of the most unique features of this sprayer. This feature frees you from the excess labor of having to lug the sprayer on your back or lift it.

The suction tube is connected directly to the spray container, meaning you do not need to keep refilling the unit. An added advantage is that you do not need to carry 10 gallons of paint around. The trolley will do the job for you.

The 100 feet long hose makes it possible to spray wide and high surfaces without having to unplug and move the sprayer.

The high pressure motor also ensures that even thick paints can shoot through the nozzle and that you can reach greater heights and widths.

Usable with Thick and Thin Paints: The sprayer can be used with paints of varying thickness, from the light to the very thick, thanks to the stainless steel piston pump which also enhances its durability.

Ease of cleaning: It is easy to clean as you don’t have to dismantle the unit and run the risk of losing or damaging your parts. All you have to do is connect it to a garden hose using an adapter that comes with the unit, turn on the water and in a matter of minutes, you’re done!

What’s Bad

Weight: At 23.3 lbs, the sprayer is considered a little heavy by some users. Fortunately, it has wheels so you will hardly need to lift it, unless when climbing stairs.

Assembly: It has many detached parts that need to be put together so it can take some time to assemble. Fortunately, the unit comes with a user manual and DVD which many users find clear and easy to follow.

Clogging: Many users have record problems with clogging when using this sprayer. You can overcome this by changing the gun tip. Alternatively, you can dip the tip in water during breaks.

Overspray: Note that this sprayer seems to have a problem with overspray, where paint ends up in unwanted areas. You could sort this out by masking off the areas you do not want painted.

The Final Verdict

The Graco Magnum X7 paint sprayer seems to beat other similar products in terms of usage capacity per year, storage capacity and also in terms of the length of the hose. However, compared to other similar products, it is wanting in terms of weight. But I guess that’s why it had to come with a trolley!

This sprayer is versatile and can be used at home. It is particularly ideal for large domestic surfaces. The trolley is a definite plus for the Graco Magnum SprayerX7.

It can also be used for the outdoors and for light commercial painting. For heavy commercial painting, you are advised to look elsewhere.

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