How to Spray Paint Furniture

Painting old furniture can be a great way to give a piece new life. Many people turn to regular paint to do this, but spray paint can be a much better way to get a smooth finish. However, you have to do the right preparation in order to get a beautiful, long lasting finish. Here is how you can do just that.
Choose a Day

Choose a day with very light winds and a mild temperature to paint. Wind can blow dirt into your paint and extreme temperatures can hurt the integrity of the finish. So be sure to choose the right day.

Protect it

Once you find the perfect day, move your piece of furniture outside and place it on newspapers to protect the ground. Also, you want to remove or cover any hardware or other parts you do not want paint on. Spray paint gets everywhere, so if you do not want paint on it, be sure to cover it.

Sand it

Now it is time to remove any chipped or peeling paint and sand down the furniture. Use 120 grit sandpaper to lightly rough up the surface of the furniture so the primer and paint has something to grip to. Sanding is essential if you want to keep the paint from peeling, so do not get lazy on this step.

Prime it

Once your furniture has been sanded down, apply a light coat of spray primer. Primer is basically the glue that makes your paint stick to your furniture. So if you do not apply primer, the bond between your furniture and paint will not last. So be sure to prime your furniture and give it time to thoroughly dry.

Paint it

Now that your primer is dry it is time to paint. Hold the can about 12 inches away and start spraying light coats of paint, starting and stopping just off the edge of the furniture. This technique will ensure an even finish with a much lower chance of drips forming. Drips and splatter spots can ruin a paint job, so do not be tempted to apply heavy coats in order to finish faster. In the end, light coats will give you the smooth even finish you have always wanted.

Let it Dry

After your furniture has been completely painted, it is time to let it dry. You want to be sure to give your furniture ample time to dry, as the drying time is helping the paint form a strong bond to the furniture. So wait at least 2-3 hours before you move the furniture and 24 hours before you begin using it. This time will allow for a strong bond with the paint and help your finish last much longer.Once your furniture has had time to set, there is nothing more to do. Move the piece into place and start enjoying it. Just be careful. Spray painting can become an addiction once you know how easy it can be. You may find yourself trying to paint everything. So please remember to spray paint responsibly

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