How to use a paint zoom sprayer

A paint zoom sprayer is a great tool for a varnishing or painting job. It was made with the aim of making work easier for painters and home owners. It is also easy to use and maintain.

Paint zoom sprayers can be used to paint home walls (interior and exterior), bricks, ceiling, panels, wood, concrete, furniture and stucco conveniently. Paint zoom sprayers are said to be much easier than most of their equivalents.

However, some dispute this because they always require thinned paints unlike airless sprayers that don’t have such conditions.


i. Introduction

ii. Paint zoom sprayer parts

iii. Preparation before using the paint zoom sprayer

iv. Specifics: How to use the paint zoom sprayers

v. Possible problems while using the paint zoom sprayer

vi. Advantages

vii. Conclusion

Viscosity cup that is used to measure the paint to see if it is thick or thin, if thick it will ensure it is thin for a perfect job.

Nozzle adjuster that is used to control the paint application

Strokes of different sizes

Stream adjuster that also aids in controlling the paint application


Paint container

Spray gun


Motor base

Fixing process

- You should take the painter container and screw the spray gun on to it.

- After that take the hose and attach the spray gun to the hose

- The other end of the hose should be connected on the motor base

The Spray pattern adjuster can be adjusted to be horizontal, vertical or as a spot jet.

If you adjust horizontally use it to paint fences and ceilings, if vertical use it for bright paints and surfaces and spot jet for hard to reach surfaces + corners.

Preparation before using the paint zoom sprayer

1) First you should acquire all the equipment’s and tools needed for the painting job;

  • Overall
  • Gloves
  • Paint shades
  • Painter’s tape or tape measure
  • Painting boots
  • Face mask
  • Ladder
  • Plastic papers/ covers
  • Head cap
  • The paint zoom spray
  • Brushes/roller ( in case something goes wrong)
  • Water bucket
  • Paint bucket

2) After assembling all the equipment you need, make sure you thin the paint so that it can easily be sprayed.

-Some sprayers require thinning for them to function, while others don’t.

- The advantage of thinning the paint is that, there won’t be any lumps of paint on the surfaces that you spray.

-Most paints normally come with the thinning instructions, so you should not worry about that.

Paints that need thinning include; latex or oil-based paints

Paints that don’t need thinning; stains, water-based paints, polyurethane

3) After thinning, ensure the paint is still clean and with no impurities

4) The next thing is to wipe the surfaces that are going to be painted so that they look perfect after the painting process.

Specifics: How to use the paint zoom sprayers

Gather the equipment and cover all the surfaces that you don’t want the paint to get to them. Remove all the moldings and molds

1) Testing viscosity

- This is done by dipping the viscosity cup into the paint pail.

- Remove the viscosity cup from the paint

- Wait to see how long it will take to drain the paint

- It should either be 50 seconds or 90 seconds

To thin the paint, you should fill the viscosity cup with water and drain to the paint.

Then by using a paint strainer pour the paint into the paint container.

You are done, but be careful

2) Testing process

Spray on to a carton before going to the actual surface to prevent messing up


- If you want to paint a surface that is high, angle the suction tube towards the rear

- If you want to paint a surface on a lower spot, angle the surface towards the front

Note The thinning process should be carefully done because over thinning can make the painting process very hard and waste a lot of time. Under thinning can result to uneven finishing.

3) Cleaning process

It is easy to clean and will last for long even with regular cleaning.

The first cleaning should be done on the nozzle and paint container to ensure they are dust-free.

4) Usage

After diluting the paint and cleaning the sprayer, it is high-time that you start the painting process.

Make sure you fill the paint bucket with the paint itself, together with the paint container on the paint zoom sprayer

You can then start your project making sure you don’t spray on unwanted surfaces or plants. They should have already been covered.

Make sure you adjust the nozzle and steamer to the right size for convenience.

Hold the paint zoom sprayer well to ensure you do a perfect job.


In case you have to spray on a high place, make sure someone is catching the ladder to prevent you from falling or not feeling comfortable.

Make sure you keep the sprayer at the same distance while spraying all through

Finish all the sections before deciding to start the second coating

The most appropriate technique to use is cris cross in sections of 20 inches long

The speed that you use should be constant all through, for a perfect finish.

Make sure you don’t keep stopping and starting, you will lose your focus

5) Cleaning Process (at the end)

- The first thing is to drain all the paint from the paint container.

- Then take some water and add clean water to it.

- Insert the spray gun into the paint container and spray it out.

- This will ensure both the container and sprayer are clean

- You may remove all the fixed items and wash them separately in water

- Also remove all the clothes you will have used in the painting process and soak immediately to prevent them from staining.

- Cleanliness is very important after doing a wonderful job.

Possible problems while using the paint zoom sprayer

If the paint is too light, increase the paint flow and decrease the distance between the spray gun and the surface

If there are drips, increase the distance from the surface

If the paint is bringing out an uneven cover, the paint is too thick.

If you note any bubble surface, know that the temperature at the moment is not conducive.


Easy to use and maintain

It provides a professional finish

Saves on money that would have been used in white washing the home

You won’t get messes like those made by brushes and rollers

It is one-touch operational and will ensure you finish the painting process fast.

Most paint zoom sprays are normally made from ultra-light and durable materials making them to last for a very long time.

They provide the best results as compared to brushes and rollers


The paint zoom sprayer is a tool that will reduce the time you use in painting and make sure you get the best out of it all. You will be amazed by the finish that you will get and yearn for more painting projects.

However, a lot of problems may arise while painting the surfaces; make sure you are alert and careful for a beautiful finish. The paint zoom sprayers actually relate well with the plain paint sprayers, but have an added advantage.

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