PaintWiz Sprayer 

Are you new to paint sprayers? Are you considering another brand? Check our review below to see if the PaintWiz sprayer is for you.

 PaintWiz sprayer is manufactured by Fuji, Canada

Product Details

This sprayer uses HVLP technology, which means it produces less overspray compared to airless sprayers.

It comes with a three pattern spray feature that allows you to spray horizontally, vertically or in circular patterns.

It has a 20 ft hose for ease of movement without having to lift the sprayer.

Its powerful turbine makes your painting 4x faster than with rollers or brushes.

The Paintwiz sprayer weighs only 10.2 pounds. It is therefore light and easy to move around, relieving you of unnecessary strain.

It comes with a standard nozzle of 1.8mm and an extra nozzle measuring 2.6mm. It is also fitted with a flow control valve to control paint output.

The sprayer comes with accessories such as an 800ml cup an extra 1.3 liter cup, a viscosity cup and a strainer.

What’s Good

The PaintWiz sprayer gives you speed. You can do your paint job much faster than if you used rollers or a paint brush.

It is versatile in that it performs well with different kinds of paint including latex, acrylic and stains.

The three spray pattern allows you to focus on small surfaces and reach even the tightest of corners.

The sprayer is easy to set up. Unlike other sprayers, you do not have to read long manuals or go through complicated procedures. All you have to do is connect the hose to the turbine, plug in the power supply and you are good to go.

The extra cup ensures that you can choose the quantity of paint you want; 800 ml or 1.3l. This not only helps to reduce wastage, it also allows you to concentrate on the paint job without worrying about frequent refills.

Consumers find the PaintWiz sprayer not just easy to use, but also easy to clean. Since it uses water-based paints, all you need to run warm soapy water through the spray gun.

The paint container is detachable and easy to reach. The unit also comes equipped with a small brush that can be used to clean the tube leading from the paint container.

Its light weight is a definite plus for this sprayer.

Consumers find this sprayer affordable.

What’s Bad

This sprayer does not perform well with thick paints.

You will need to thin your paint before use. This is not only time consuming, it is also tricky as getting the right viscosity can prove difficult.

It may also not work with solvent or textured paints. Your choice of paint is therefore limited.

Some consumers reported spattering at the first use.

The sprayer seems to have a less than efficient spraying capacity, even after thinning

There is also a tendency for the nozzle to clog even with thin paints.

The Final Verdict

The PaintWiz is light and portable, easy to use and clean, fast, affordable and works well on small surfaces. However, the performance of the sprayer is wanting.

It does not use thick paints and does not perform well even after thinning.

For this sprayer to serve you well, you will have to thin the paint to the right viscosity. For this, you are advised to read the manual carefully and follow the instructions to the letter.