What you need to know about Paint Zoom Container

1. Open cans with care.

You have just finished the job , and now you need to store your paint zoom containers.    To store paint correctly you need to do it right from the start.    You can though leave the pain in the paint zoom container, But if you want to use those  for other jobs you will need to pour it back into its original can.   For this make sure you open the can correctly it might be a good idea to buy a paint can opener.

2. Keep your lid well clean!

 The lids of your paint can might get dirty, with paint.  This paint will then dry and make it harder for you to open and close the lid.  Make sure you keep the lid of the paint clean.  The best way to do this is too wipe the lid with a damp cloth after you have poured out the paint.

You should avoid the common practice of wiping the brush on the edge of the can.   As an alternative you can remove excess paint from the brush by giving it a few short  taps on the inside of the can.   This will help keep the rim of the paint can clean.

3. Don't be a hammer head.

Do not try to destroy you can by taking a hammer to the can.   If you want to make a tight close of the lid, get yourself a rubber mallet.   With the Rubber mallet you should tap around circumference of your can.  This will allow you to get a tight seal without damaging the can with a hammer. Also since the zoom containers are made from plastic it would not be a good idea to take a hammer to it.

4. Air is the enemy.

When it comes to storing your paint Zoom Container, You must ensure that air can not get into the paint can.   The more full the can is the harder it will be for air to enter.  You should attempt to avoid storing a small amount of paint in a large can.  You might need to get some additional paint storage containers.  You can also use items that you find around the home such as water bottles.

If you have a large amount of paint then you can store those inside the original paint can.   You can reduce the amount of air that will get into the can by covering the can with plastic wrap.   You might want to get some extra zoom containers in order to allow for additional storage.

5. Keep it cool.

Don’t store the paint in the sun.    Really the paint should be stored in a cool but not a cold dry place.  You also want to make sure the can does not get rusty.  You can prevent rust from occurring by keeping the cans away from concrete floors.

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