Paint Zoom Parts

Do you want to give your living room, your backyard fence, or your kitchen a new paint job but think it would be too difficult and time-consuming? Paint Zoom has an answer! The high-pressurized “650-watt motor,” that is even industrial grade, ensures that you will be able to get any painting or staining job done easier, and faster. Giving you enough time to watch your neighbor struggle the old-fashioned way to paint his own house, stroke on, stroke off, leaving globs of paint trailing behind him because dipping a brush in a can of paint does not ensure an even coating like Paint Zoom does!

You know the phrase watching paint dry? With the Paint Zoom, it doesn’t apply! An even one-coat spray-on application saves time and money. And easy assembly of Paint Zoom parts makes throwing away rollers and brushes that give uneven coatings one stroke or roll at a time a no-brainer!

You might be wondering how to get started. First, only three payments of $33.00 plus shipping and handling are required, because Paint Zoom is currently offering to make the last payment as a thank you to customers for investing in their product—saving you even more money when it comes to home improvement projects. After it arrives in the mail, then you get started painting your dream hou--

Wait! Actually before you start spraying all your paint-related worries away, there are a few safety and assembly notes to keep in mind.

With an industrial product comes industrial level safety procedures, for the product and the person handling it. To avoid inhaling dangerous fumes from the paint or other substances, wear a mask or other covering around one’s mouth and nose, like a respirator, to ensure you can “breathe easy” in every way while completing your project in record time. The same recommendations apply to eye protection. A suitable eye covering is recommended to avoid getting the substance in your eyes. If you want to examine how the project is progressing without the protective eyewear to examine the project’s progress without being obscured by the eyewear’s potential light tint, it is suggested that you turn the application off before inspecting to ensure that your eyes stay safe. Finally, it is recommended that you wear clothes you are ready to get up close and personal with your project in: long sleeves and pants, shoes and gloves to protect one’s skin, and any other coverings that the paint/stain manufacturer advises.

In addition, in terms of handling Paint Zoom, a high-pressurized spray gun, it should never be used near an open flame or by children. For your convenience it is supplied with a 6-foot power cord that, if desired, would need an extension cord with 16 gauge or lower to handle the machine’s power. Another safety mechanism is a polarized plug that specifically has different sized blades to ensure the Paint Zoom applicator is only plugged in one way, and as a result, operating properly and safely. If you try plugging it in one way and it does not quite fit, try plugging it in the other way to ensure the electrical connection is secure. If the plug does not fit easily into the outlet either way, consult an electrician to ensure proper installation, and your safety when handling the application.

With safety concerns appropriately addressed, it is time to start putting the Paint Zoom spray gun together. There are thirteen parts for the Paint Zoom applicator, seven of those parts related to the spray gun itself, four including the viscosity cup that input and contain the coating material (paint, stain, oil, enamel, etc.) during application, and two final parts, the motor base and hose, that supply the power for the machine.

But getting started is not as simple as putting the pieces together, putting the materials in the paint container, then spraying your project. Before getting giddy about completing your project quicker than you can say “wax on, wax off,” STOP and remember these important specifications for materials used with Paint Zoom.

Materials being used should not be “textured” (specifically textured paint) or should not state to only apply them onto surfaces using a brush. These requirements are important to remember because textured paints will permanently damage the Paint Zoom applicator (which would void any applicable warranties), and paints that specifically note they are only applied by brush, likely cannot be used with Paint Zoom. To avoid an unnecessary headache, verify with the manufacturer that the substance you want to coat your project with is not textured and can be sprayed on to the applicable surface.

Once the material is verified that it can be used by Paint Zoom, submerge the viscosity cup provided with the Paint Zoom applicator in the substance once it has been stirred, to ensure that the material is at optimal thickness—or viscosity—for spray application. Once the viscosity cup is fully submerged, and full, lift it out, and count how many seconds it takes for the material to drain out of the viscosity cup. While oil stain, clear sealer and polyurethane will not require any adjustments, if for example, a varnish is taking longer than the optimal 20-50 seconds to leave the cup, an applicable solvent needs to be used to decrease the viscosity of the substance to an acceptable range that is meant to ensure optimal coverage of the material on the project. Once the solvent is added, be sure to sure and test again, to verify that the material is within a suitable viscosity range to get an even coating with the Paint Zoom applicator.

After verifying optimal viscosity, the material is ready to be poured into the paint container that is connected to the spray gun. Once the container is filled, up to, but not surpassing the edge that connects the container to the spray gun, the container is screwed back onto the spray gun until it is sealed tight.

A quick tip to avoid refilling the container as often with the material is to ensure that the suction tube in the spray gun is pointed towards the very bottom of the container, depending on the angle of the spray gun. For example, if your project requires that you spray upwards, the vary bottom of the container would be at the back of the container, parallel with the nozzle connecting the motor base to the spray gun. If the spray gun is pointed down, the bottom of the paint container would be at the front of the gun, parallel to the paint flow adjustor.

Another tip when trying out the Paint Zoom applicator for the first time is to practice on cardboard, keeping a steady even hold and about a foot’s spray distance from the target. DO NOT have the spray gun trigger ready when adjusting the paint flow adjustor to determine the speed of paint leaving the spray gun, or adjusting other settings on the gun. While adjusting the settings, keeping the trigger off will avoid accidently spraying the materials either on your person, or somewhere other than your project, which wastes materials, and could be detrimental to yourself or potentially the environment.

You can check out some paint zoom reviews at If you need to get replacement parts for your zook sprayer you can get them online. Also check out our article on the sprayer and the gun to learn how you can use the power of paint zoom for all of your painting needs.

If you are doing a large job you might want to shop for some spare parts ahead of time. This will include the sprayers and other related products that you might find on sale. You can often buy an entire kit for a discounted price, of course always read the various reviews that you will find on these platinum items.

To be honest dont use your sprayer gun pronto. You should spend some time on youtube learning hoe to use your gun and the sprayer,and maybe learn some basic repair techniques of the gun. Although it is is easy to use once you get all the pieces. You can also find some spare pieces on sites like ebay and of course you can get them at your local shop. Just take your time before you buy so you can make sure you are getting the correct tools that you need to provide the right service to your painting job

Now that you know how to assemble the and care for your Paint Zoom parts and have some tips to avoid mishaps while completing your project easily with Paint Zoom, I hope you zoom through your project knowing that you aren’t just getting a fast product, but an efficient high-quality applicator that will not sacrifice quality for efficiency.