The Paint Zoom Pro

Over time people have opted to start using paint zoom sprayers that reduce the time used in the painting process. Unlike the most common ways of using either brushes or roller, with a paint zoom sprayer you can cover a large area effectively without much struggle. If you have the expertise and zeal, you will finish the painting work quickly.

This specific one; paint zoom pro sprayer is effective and efficient for any project. It may either be an exterior surface or interior surface. The exterior surfaces entail fences, exterior corridors, exterior walls and outdoor furniture. For the interior surfaces you can paint the interior walls, ceiling, walls, trim, window edges, doors, door edges and interior furniture.

Why you should use Paint zoom pro sprayer over brushes and rollers

There are many reasons why you should opt to use a zoom sprayer than other methods of painting. You will definitely be amazed by the end result.

1) Large coverage within a short time

While using paint zoom pro sprayer you will be able to cover a large area within a short time. This is because the sprayer is made from high-quality materials that make it have an awesome performance. If you perform the painting systematically in sections while criss crossing, you will cover a large area quickly.

Moreover, if you want to cover a large surface you need to have all the painting equipment near you to ensure you get the work done efficiently without having to walk around to get stuff. If a professional painter does that work, make sure you provide all the equipment needed without fail.

2) Ease of use

Paint zoom pro sprayer is easy to use. If you read the manual well, you will definitely know what each knob/ part does. Using a sprayer shouldn’t be troublesome, but convenient.

3) Quick and accessible

You can easily acquire the paint zoom pro in the market and large online stores like Amazon and Ebay. They are sold at a fair price, if you compare with the kind of work they do for our houses and surfaces. They are faster than rollers and paint brushes.

While using the paint zoom pro you can easily cover the most hidden corners conveniently. The hard to reach surfaces will be a thing of the past. However, much care is needed to ensure you don’t overlap and make the surface look unprofessional.

4) Professional end result

While using a paint sprayer, being a professional or not being, doesn’t really matter much. However, it needs a bit of experience, but as compared to the kind of effort needed for rollers and brushes it is much easier. With such a concept in mind, definitely know that the end result will be wonderful.

There will be even coating and all will turn out as it should be. Thus it is very efficient for painting stairs, furniture, walls, ceilings, frames and doors. However, one has to be careful to prevent any kind of overlapping on the surfaces. Something to keep in mind is that, before applying the second coat it is essential to confirm if the first coat is dry enough.

5) Easy to clean

If you use the recommended cleaning technique, your zoom sprayer will last long and won’t have any stains. The cleaning process should be done with care to ensure no paint is left inside the painting container that can make it contaminate other paints used later on.

Let’s have a look at the Paint zoom sprayer itself:

Paint Zoom Pro

Manufacturer: Paint Zoom

Measurement and weight

The ideal measurement of the zoom paint sprayer pro is 10.2 inches by 7.5 inches by 6.2 inches. Moreover, it weighs 3.2 pounds.


This paint zoom sprayer is an awesome painting tool that will make you have a memorable painting experience. This powerful tool will ensure you don’t mess up on the surfaces by either overlapping or over coating. As long as you stand at the appropriate distance, be assured that you will paint well. You are definitely going to save a lot of time while using it. Might be troublesome for starters, but as soon as you get used to it, it will be easy.

It is important to know how to adjust the knobs to ensure you get the best out of it. As soon as you start using the paint zoom sprayer, you will never want to see a painting brush or roller ever again.

Paint zoom pro has an advanced spray technology that ensures proper coverage of surfaces. The 3 way direct dial spray head will ensure that all the hidden surfaces and corners are sprayed on. The dial can be adjusted horizontally, vertically or as a spot jet. If you turn it to the spot jet is when you can reach all hidden surfaces at ease.

The zoom sprayer is ultra – light, meaning you can carry it around without getting tired. Even when you climb a ladder you won’t be worried about the weight being exerted downward. It is highly- portable.

It has a motor capacity of 925 watts of power. This is assurance of a fast and powerful rate of painting. In addition, it is made from rugged material that will ensure its durability.

How to use it?

After assembling all the parts of the sprayer:

  • The paint container should be connected to the paint sprayer.
  • After that the paint sprayer should be connected to one side of the hose.
  • The other side of the hose should be connected to the motor.
  • That’s simply it.

The next step is to pull the trigger on paint sprayer and paint will come out. The paint should be diluted to make it thin to ensure it comes out with ease. If you don’t thin it well, there will be uneven coating on the surfaces. Also be careful about the distance that will be in between to reduce on drips. It can be used to paint, stain or varnish at ease.


Paint zoom pro sprayer is an awesome make that will never disappoint you during the project. It is:

  • readily available
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean,
  • effective,
  • efficient,
  • trusted by many
  • durable

With such kind of great attributes, this should be a must have. For large building, it will also come in handy. There are a variety of sprayers to choose from with different sizes and make. Moreover, they all do a perfect job. Be sure to ensure all works out well at all times. As long as it is taken good care of, be assured of durability at all time.

A professional end result is everyone’s dream and Paint zoom pro sprayer will not disappoint you at all.

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